Smarter teamwork

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Team up is the easy tool for smarter teamwork.
A unique combination of online collaboration and e-learning.
Work smarter and get smarter in one digital workplace.


Boost your team’s development

  • Work smarter

    Communicate more flexibly and transparently. Share (and store) valuable knowledge and information. And notice how your team starts benefiting from smarter collaboration.

  • Get smarter

    Keep learning and developing, in spite of the daily routine. Do ‘workouts’ from qualified trainers to hone your skills and grow your knowledge. It’s just a few minutes per exercise.

  • Avoid lagging behind

    Lay the foundation for continuous change (because ‘business as usual’ is a thing of the past). Boost your team’s development. And stay on top of the game.

So who’s using it?

Team up was launched in 2016. For teams who want to move forward. You can find them at these companies, for instance. We are very proud to team up with them.

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    E-learningkeep delivering your best work

    Avoid getting rusty. Do workouts to keep your knowledge and skills up to par. Workouts consist of exercises which you can do anytime, anywhere. Individually, with your team, or with the entire company.

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    Developmentkeep track of your progress

    In Team up, it’s easy to keep a clear overview of things. Your own development is one of them. See how far you’ve come with your e-learning and take the next step when you have a couple of minutes. Onwards and upwards!

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    Timelineshare and save valuable information

    Collaborate transparently. Make sure precious knowledge doesn’t get locked away in mailboxes. Use the timeline to keep each other informed and involved. It’s more beneficial to the entire team – and easier to retrieve later.

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    Chatprivate discussions with teammates

    Speaking of flexible team communications. Want to discuss something that isn’t timeline material? Chat privately with one or more teammates.

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    Personalall teammates have their own profile

    Find the teammate who can help you. Make yourself findable with your personal profile. And why not hit ‘Give a compliment’ now and then. Ah, recognition!

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    Goalsset priorities and provide feedback

    What’s on the agenda? Set goals to keep a clear overview of your team’s priorities and your own. Select teammates you’d like to ask for feedback afterwards. A great way to help each other move forward.

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    Flexibilitylearn and collaborate anytime, anywhere

    You can Team up with each other on desktop/laptop, tablet and smartphone. The data your team generates remains within Team up. Secure team collaboration and learning, whenever and wherever.

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