How to enable Smarter Teamwork with Team up

What can you do with Team up, what does it mean for team collaboration and learning, and how does it benefit your team's development?

Boost your team’s development

‘Business as usual’ is a thing of the past. Your team has to keep up with all kinds of changes to continue performing at a high level. How do you keep track, and where do you find the time?

That’s where Team up comes in. It’s a one of a kind digital workspace: a unique combination of e-learning and online collaboration. Team up helps you to…

  • keep learning and growing, while the daily routine continues
  • communicate and collaborate more flexibly
  • monitor your team’s development – and boost it

Increase, share and retain your knowledge

Do workouts to grow your knowledge and hone your skills. One short exercise at a time. Individually, as a team, or with the entire organization. You decide when and where.

  • workouts by accredited trainers and coaches
  • from basic to advanced
  • create your own workouts to support your team goals

Keep everyone up to speed

Use the timeline to help each other and inform your team about your work’s progress. Start a chat to have private conversations. Set goals and provide feedback.

  • everyone has their own personal profile
  • easily share and retrieve updates, documents, questions, ideas
  • more transparent and more sustainable value than email

Clarity about projects and tasks

Of course, collaborating transparently and learning collectively is something you do to enhance your work. That’s the reason why Team up also helps you make it clear what you’re working on. In ‘Projects and tasks’ you can create multiple project boards. The entire team can see what’s on the agenda.

  • manage multiple projects with your team
  • assign tasks to teammates
  • create clarity: what’s coming up, what’s going on, what’s been completed?

It’s secure, it’s easy, it’s free

You and your team are the only ones who have access to your Team up. All the data you generate remains within Team up (here’s more information on privacy and security). The platform is easy to use. If you have any questions, check out our helpcenter.

  • safety first: things you share on Team up, stay on Team up
  • available on all devices: desktop/laptop, tablet, smartphone
  • sign up for free and invite your teammates right away

The foundation for effective teamwork

With the unique combination of e-learning and online collaboration, Team up enables your team to work smarter and get smarter.

  • Better performance thanks to smart collaboration and e-learning
  • Research confirms: interaction boosts learning
  • The digital foundation for real progress

Your Team up will be good to go in a few minutes.